Design and engineering

Seriously good talk.

Very powerful:

  1. The elegance of simplicity.
  2. The power of experience. (What’s a great experience?)
  3. The magic of stories. Technology + Art = Magic.

How can we get lots of disciplines work together? To solve large problems?

  • At Pixar, creatives and techs get paid the same.
  • It’s really hard to get the tech people to respect the creative people and vice versa.

Works for all systems, not just software.


  • Peer culture: everyone shows everyone else their work and get lot of feedback.
  • Learning environment. Empowered people. Great at tech & creativity – work hand in hand together. Same team. Giving feedback.
  • Product design + Engineering + Understand Consumer problem.

Design thinking:

  • Team of DIFFERENT thinking people. Not just engineers. Different. Respect each other. Bounce ideas of each other.
  • Examine and understand a problem.
  • Iterate to a solution.
  • NEED A TEAM! Not one person, one designer, one product leader.