Like for blogging?

Thinking: is the Like for blogging related to the Linkroll (since a link is like a Like)? I should get an email or notification when someone Likes my post. That’s the feedback loop I’m talking about. And Liking should be 1-click. So is adding to the linkroll 1-click?

It is conceivable that there is simply no distributed solution that can compete in user experience with a closed solution like FB and such. But that doesn’t sound like it would be true.

The new blogging, again

I’m oldschool but I like blue and white. New look today.

Now, the new blogging. Can we reproduce the LIKE in the world of blogging? The feeling of immediate feedback? The one-click micro-payment that has no limits.

Here’s a related thought: why do people think stuff on blogs is more private than stuff on Facebook? (Technically it’s not.) Because more people see it on Facebook. And you get feedback.

Blogs need more feedback. Commenting is too much work. Where’s the LIKE button for blogging? (And I don’t mean the WordPress Like button, that just feel like micropayments to Matt.)