Social design talk notes

Never too old to learn.

  • I believe in fundamentals.
  • Adaptation, evolution. Design = solve the problem. (So changeable design > unchangeable design.)
  • Community = group that works together.
  • Group -> social -> trust.
  • Trust each other to get things done.
  • Our environment is everyone else.
  • You want to be unique but also fit in. You feel lonely.
  • So you form an “identity”, so you can fit in but be apart. A representation of yourself.


  • Create an outside world we can control. Collect. Music. Home. Friends we trust. World is not so scary then. 
  • Can also create inside world we control: yoga, music, meditation, learning, …
  • EVERYONE is doing this.

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone” (Thoreau)

Social design = facilitate communication.

  • People just need to talk.
  • Need identity, trust.
  • People need connection.

Social Graph (nodes & edges).

  • If you write it out, forms a narrative. Story.
  • Narrative leads to identity: this is me. This is what I did.
  • The connections give things life.
  • Graph is very valuable information.


  • Don’t hide info, show it all in feed.
  • Keeps going, like life.


  • Pile of things that I like.


  • When something happens, send feedback (like, pin, repin, tag, …).

“Virtuous cycle of sharing” -> enough stuff and connections so it grows.

Might as well build things that bring people together.