Why you can’t find the Share button on Google+

Quite a few people have complained they can’t easily find the share button on Google+. Here’s the UI:


The problem is that the Share button is below that Friends button. Friends isn’t really a button, more like a tag, but it looks like a button, and that’s what matters. Your eye is in the textbox (you’re typing), and the friends/more people crap stops your eye from looking below that for a Share button.

Easy enough to fix though.

Make the Share button more prominent (visually) than the friends button. And move it to a central place right underneath the text box. Oh, and don’t grey it out.

Something like this:



3 thoughts on “Why you can’t find the Share button on Google+

  1. Actually, it extends far beyond the Friends field.

    Any “extra content” (photo / video / links … add a layer that disconnects the Share button and the textfield.

    Probably a subtle “grouping” treatment forming a bloc of all those contents wld solve the issue.

    In any case, it’s only a beta. We shld expect such glitches.

  2. They put it below that friends button so you have to choose a circle to share it to. it forces the user to think about what circles to share it with.

  3. Good observation, Peter. I briefly had a delay fInding the share button as well- for the exact reason you pointed out. For me, though, the expectation is the button to be on the right-hand side.

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