The definition of a kilo

It turns out that the official reference weights for the “kilo” have been changing weight. Nobody knows why.  In a few years, there will be a number of meetings to figure out a new way to define a kilo.

Classification and standards are closely related, let’s see how this works out. Reminds me of how Pluto was re-classified as no longer being a planet, not too long ago.

iOS apps are different because of the payment, not the form factor

I realized something: iOS (iPhone, iPad) apps feel different than websites, not because of the form factor, but because of the fact that you can easily pay for them. Apple made micropayments possible for developers, and in turn, that made a new type of app, a new type of content possible, because developers are now being paid for it. Apps don’t depend on pageviews (to serve ads).

It’s the payments, not the form factor that made the explosion of apps possible.