LinkedIn Today’s layout is a terrible, content-less mess.

The idea is excellent, exactly what they should be doing, but the layout is terrible. They should have done a list. Instead, we get a mumble of half-words and empty images.



Two meaningless images on the homepage. With almost meaningless text. What am I supposed to make of those cut-off titles? And those empty images?

And ok, whitespace fair enough, but what the hell is this?


Badly aligned. Meaningless whitespace. And again, meaningless images and text that’s cut off so short it’s also meaningless. All I can make out here is: something was posted on an official Google blog. Something. I guess I’ll have to click to find out what?

Another awesome usage of whitespace:


See those pixels? Between the top half and the bottom? That’s like what, 30, 40 px of meaninglessness? Worse, it makes it harder to connect the bottom feature with the top one (the bottom piece actually works as a kind of navigation to the top piece).

What’s wrong with just a list of news LinkedIn? Too boring?

Also: featuring yourself as the top news on your launchday isn’t cool.

The entire LinkedIn Today homepage is full of meaninglessness. There is almost NO content, what’s there could be fitted in a paragraph. Everything else is filler.

One more, for fun:


Who are those 6 people?