Design for mobile first

More and more, I’m designing for mobile first these days. It’s a big change in design habits, but it helps. First because mobile is where the growth and opportunity is, but second, as Bret Taylor says: “people design better with constraints”.

True, true.

Which is also why I think that HTML5 will get there. (The other reason is that the big companies (Google, Facebook, Apple) are all pushing it in unison).

I need to practice my writing.

Well written: “Its general ethos that I need to get over the concept of privacy makes me want to shove a camera lens up Zuckerberg’s left nostril 24 hours a day and ask him if he’d like for his company to rethink that position.”

Related: I wish I had some better blogging tools these days, integrated with Chrome. It seems most dev efforts are going into integrating with FB and Co, which is a shame. The pendulum will swing back soon, I sense/hope. Back to the open web.