Time for a new type of feed-people reader?

Just a quick thought: now that Bloglines is closing, and Google Reader is the winner in the RSS reader market, perhaps it’s a good time to create a new type of reader, perhaps focused on people (and faces). With a UI in between FB/Twitter and Bloglines/Google Reader. Something like this?


One thought on “Time for a new type of feed-people reader?

  1. spot on.

    Feed readers should be simple and straightforward, stress free, not an ever ending cumulation of unread posts. Things to be taken into account:

    1. a visual association with the source

    2. a vertical and constant stream of information (like twitter). no categories. if you haven’t read your feeds in xx days they are automatically erased.

    3. a visually appealing design

    4. simple. there should be only two actions: a ‘keep’ button to read stuff later and an ’email’ button to share stuff. and that’s it.

    we’ve been working on a reader that somehow picks up these things, we’ve called it planetaki (www.planetaki.com). Here’s a preview of mine for example: http://www.planetaki.com/lendo If you get a chance to check it out, it’d be great to hear what you think.

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