This one’s for free,

I was pretty happy the past year or so that someone was finally putting up a good fight against Google’s monopoly in search. We need competition. But now what? Bing is paying sites to block Google from indexing them? Really?

Fuck that.

As of today, I’m blocking Bing.

It’s not that I love Google’s monopoly that much (I think it’s great that they have competition), but how EVIL can you get? Paying companies to block a competitor’s searchbot? 1990s Microsoft playbook anyone? Not with my internet you’re not! Let the backlash begin.

I added a robots.txt file to my root folder (here), this is the code that I put in it:

User-agent: msnbot
Disallow: /

Hopefully that does the trick. Let me know if I have to change it.

Here’s a screenshot of Bing’s percentage in my traffic by the way, blocking them won’t hurt me much. Even if it did, I’d block them:


Now someone wants to register and set up with easy instructions or something?

7 thoughts on “This one’s for free,

  1. I fully agree. Just heard the news on the radio coming home, went straight to my server (which hosts three domains) and added the robots.txt file. Then decided that wasn’t enough to satisfy my bloodlust, and ran this:

    iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

    … so I don’t have to also trust Microsoft to police themselves. ‘Bye, evil bastards.

  2. Thanks for this code. A Q? The robots.txt, is to be put at “/” or at “/var/www”? Does it work (or is even needed) for ppl who isn´t running Apache?
    Also. This shows that not all competitors are honest and not all companies can be trusted, yes we may need competition in web searches, but not M$. M$ doesn´t create competition, they destroy it with unethical and downright illegal tricks (Google never bribed or blocked competitors from showing results in their SE, or blocked email messages coming from competing email services. M$ OTOH did and still does all of that. Both what you just reported and stuff like that case where hotmail was proactivelly “vanishing” email messages coming from gmail accounts).

  3. i think that Bing is not as good as Google. Google would still index new websites faster than Bing. Microsoft would still need a lot of catching to do with GoogleBot.

  4. I use both Bing and Google search engine and i dont see much difference in their search results. I use google for searching hard to find academic topics and Bing for general search.

  5. The problem I have with bing is that, since I live in China I really hate how they have gotten cozy with the Chinese regarding censoring search results and forcing users into SafeSearch settings they might not necessarily want.

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