The Journal of IA is up. It’s a peer-reviewed journal, which is fantastic, because it not only makes IA more serious and research-driven (which it needs), but mainly because it encourages the creation of this kind of research. I don’t particularly care if IA as a discipline survives or goes the way of “knowledge management”, which drowned in unscientific blabla and became pretty much irrelevant (with apologies to everyone who identifies with this). But I do care a lot about good research in my field, and this will hopefully encourag that.

One thing though: content is only available in PDF format. Guys! This is ironic in more ways than I can count.

One thought on “

  1. Peter,

    thanks for supporting the initiative.

    As for the PDF-only thing, it’s really PDF-only *now*. We needed the Journal out, and PDFs were already being produced during the revision stages, so that was easy and quick.
    But we are currently working on the individual XHTML pages for all articles (should be available early next week), and on RSS feeds, and on uncountable other things we know the web site is missing or does poorly.

    I mean, I totally share the irony, and you know I take this things personal: I wouldn’t stand the Journal of IA delivering poor UX if not for just a brief period. ;)

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