Screencasts of clickable wireframes

I’m working on a large project in a global team, and yesterday I tried something new: making a screencast of my (clickable) wireframes. I did a search today and remember reading about it first here.

So far it’s working great. Team members like this as a way to communicate, the screencasts are fast and easy to make, and they also help me in getting to grips with my own work. I’ll post more details on the how-to later.

The “mere category effect”

Now Iyengar has published a new study showing that one way to combat the effects of excessive choice is to group items into categories. It turns out that even useless categories make people happier with their choices.

In other words: even “useless” categories can be better than no categories. The study is titled: “The Mere Categorization Effect: How the Presence of Categories Increases Choosers’ Perceptions of Assortment Variety and Outcome Satisfaction” (PDF)

Facebook international.

Facebook seems even more aggressive about being international than Google was, check this out:

  • 40 percent of Facebook users are not using English.
  • More than 70 percent of Facebook users are outside the United States.
  • It reaches more than 10 percent of the total national population in 26 countries.
  • Facebook is available in 43 languages and is in the process of being translated into another 60 languages.
  • Since offering an Italian-language version of the service about a year ago, the number of users has grown from 350,000 to about 8 million.
  • 25,000 volunteers helped translate Facebook into Turkish last year, and there are now 9 million Turkish-language users signed up for Facebook.
  • Facebook is working on five Indian languages, including Tamil, Punjabi and Hindi.

Rock and *fucking* roll, as they say.