Reasonably good talk about performance (speed). There’s a bunch of little things in there that I disagree with, but the general gist is good and there are some good bits.

  • The size (in Kb) of webpages and the amount of objects has increased since 1995 on a nice graph.
  • 100ms extra loadtime on caused a 1% drop in sales.
  • Yahoo did a test: added 400ms to some important pages. Result: 5 to 9% increase in people that click BACK before the page even loaded.
  • Google added 500ms, this caused 20% less searches. (!)

Funny thing: the word
“school” is actually the ancient Greek word for leisure. The idea was,
if you had the means to live a life of leisure, then of course you’d
spend it learning and talking about cool stuff with other similarly
well-off people.

I was looking for website designer but the kind of website i wanted is similiar to facebook, or myspace. I was wondering if you guys know anyway of doing that type of website and if I bring you the designe I want then we can make it happen. Email me with your respone and if yes how much would it cost me.”

Good promo video for interactive prototypes (I’m a big believer in them, although not a fan of iRise specifically).

Amelia now blows her food (to cool it down). And yesterday I found her trying to open the lock of a closetspace in the living roomd with a key she found. She didn’t figure out how to put the key in the lock.. just yet! She know where we kept the key (on top of the closet), so she put a little stairs next to the closet, got the key, and tried to open it. Smart.

The law in Belgium speaks of the race category as “so called race“, in order to clarify that there is no such thing as race scientifically. The law in the US has a different approach I believe, I think they define it (for use in the census) as being self-assigned (so you decide yourself what race you are).

Is there a way to use Google analytics to distinguish between logged-in users and not logged-in users?

Bloglines is gonna be down for 12 hours while they move to another data center. Pft. I think I’m finally gonna give in and move to Google reader.

Presentation tip: at most conferences, you get 45 or 50 minutes. Leave 5 as buffer, 5 for questions, speak for 40 minutes max, which means you should aim at about 30 slides max.

So I don’t forget: Amelia ate spicy Thai crackers and loved them this week (I’m so proud!), she’s babbling like crazy and she spoke on the phone for the first time with her mom (instead of just listening) :)