Gordon Ramsey consulting

Consultants love Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen nightmares” show. In it, he visits a restaurant that is doing badly, pinpoints the problems (expensive menu, bad food, no leadership, no communication), and tries to fix it. And he shouts a lot at them too. It always makes me think of my consulting practice, other consultants seem to agree. I love his focus on getting the basics right, his honesty and his passion.

Patrick Kennedy wrote a smart blogpost about it, and Ruth Ellison gave a great presentation around the same idea:

4 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsey consulting

  1. Hi Peter, thanks for the link to my UX Nightmares presentation! I love Gordon Ramsey’s passion for his work and I’m glad to see that you’re another passionate IA :)

  2. Cool post – sorry to sound like a nerd, but his name is Ramsay not Ramsey (which is why your blog didn’t come up in my original search)

    Sorry to sound like the egghead, just trying to help.

    The Plonker Club
    The Unofficial Gordon Ramsay Fansite

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