Here’s a startup idea: a web-accessible API to postal services around the world. In other words, you can tie into this API to send a postcard or a letter through the postal service in any country, for example. Halfbaked ideas – you ask, I deliver!

Gordon Ramsey consulting

Consultants love Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen nightmares” show. In it, he visits a restaurant that is doing badly, pinpoints the problems (expensive menu, bad food, no leadership, no communication), and tries to fix it. And he shouts a lot at them too. It always makes me think of my consulting practice, other consultants seem to agree. I love his focus on getting the basics right, his honesty and his passion.

Patrick Kennedy wrote a smart blogpost about it, and Ruth Ellison gave a great presentation around the same idea:

The PHP guys are going to use / as a namespace separator, instead of the old ::

Bad decision because they forgot a criterion: semantic clearness. / already means a bunch of things, whereas :: doesn’t. class::function is clearer than class/function for that reason, I would think. But I’m probably wrong.

I dislike services that let me check the “remember me” box and then forget me after 2 weeks. Two weeks does not a relationship make, my friends! And don’t tell me it’s about security.

Is there a reliable way to block anonymous proxy servers? I especially want to stop people from signing up anonymously – can I disable javascript and then require it for the signup or something. (Browsing the site anonymously isn’t so much a problem).

Twitter’s fine, Facebook is very well designed and popular, but I personally still like my blog to write down my thoughts. Granted, it’s not as great at conversations, but it’s alright. And it’s mine, not owned by whoever will buy Twitter or Facebook.

Hey I noticed something, Google Chrome seems to add resize handles to formfields by itself. Interesting, but I’m not sure if it should do that?