Today (in about an hour) they will attempt to create antimatter in a huge scientfic complex 100m under the ground in Switzerland. If Europe gets sucked into a black hole in an hour, it was nice knowing you all!

And here’s a video explaining it:

I like learning and doing things that are not “My job”. I did the “Hello World” of Google’s appengine the other day, it was fun. I want to do more things like that.

De nieuwe Google Chrome doesn’t do RSS – doesn’t display feeds in a good way, and doesn’t display the little icon in the adress bar. Oh well, back to Firefox for now.

Google Chrome comic book all on one page

I was reading a scanned version of the comic book (see and link to this blog post) that is introducing the Google browser – “Google Chrome” – but the site’s way slow and seems down now, so I saved the images in my cache and am publishing them here under the same Creative Commons license.

They’re all on one page, so it’ll be kind of long. Here goes.