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  1. And as a follow-up, here are some of the first answers to the question: “What makes a good workshop?”

    1. learning something new that I can apply to my job the next day Mon, 9/15/08 7:03 AM
    2. Good content, good value, good schedule – start at 9:30 or 10am. Mon, 9/15/08 6:57 AM
    3. 1) Good storytelling communicates the concepts, backed up by case studies/examples. 2) I have what I need to go back to my office and actually use the tool/technique/idea in my next project. “What I need” might include explanatory text/bullets I can re-use in a pitch; a checklist or outline for implementing the tool/technique/idea; and spreadsheets/visio stencils/deliverable templates I can use as a basis for my own deliverables. Mon, 9/15/08 6:50 AM
    4. Limited time out of the office, forces the instructor to strip the course down to the essentials Mon, 9/15/08 6:46 AM
    5. Practical information that I can apply immediately. Mon, 9/15/08 6:33 AM
    6. Techniques I can use. Mon, 9/15/08 6:27 AM
    7. Our travel budget is limited, so if the workshop is within driving distance it would be likely that I would go. OR if it was attached to the IA Summit (or other conference I’d go to….) At that point, if I am presenting a case to go to a conference – it’s easier just to tack on another day… Mon, 9/15/08 6:19 AM
    8. Practical knowledge Mon, 9/15/08 6:01 AM
    9. Practical information, examples, engaging with the concepts/methods presented. 90% of the time, presenters would do well to skip their intro. Mon, 9/15/08 6:00 AM
    10. To meet an expert of IA in real life and opportunity to ask questions, gain a direction of further researches for answers and ideas. Mon, 9/15/08 5:59 AM
    11. Close to real needs Mon, 9/15/08 5:56 AM
    12. Price and convenience Mon, 9/15/08 5:56 AM
    13. hands on practical experience Mon, 9/15/08 5:55 AM
    14. practical learnings, resource lists, next steps/places to learn more Mon, 9/15/08 5:53 AM
    15. cost, location Mon, 9/15/08 5:52 AM
    16. If it is pragmatic and comes with ready to use material, that I can use the very next day. Mon, 9/15/08 5:41 AM
    17. Jam-packed from top to bottom with great content – a full day, 9-5. Include some hands-on since most people have laptops now. Mon, 9/15/08 5:38 AM
    18. A good grounding in the topic covered, happy to take that and research more detail. MUST be able to justify the expense (particularly as not all ‘IA’ followers work directly in that field). Mon, 9/15/08 5:35 AM
    19. Real life experience and examples – demonstrated knowledge of the space

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