I’ve been using the empty Inbox system for a few days now. LOVE. The “archive” button in Gmail is now my favourite button. It means: “I don’t have to worry about this email anymore.”

I’ve made it so my blogposts (which tend to be short anyways) go to twitter too now. I just prefer posting on my blog. It’s mine, twitter isn’t, it’s theirs.

I removed over 11,000 messages from my inbox today and now I’m using the empty inbox system. So far: I’m LOVING it. Somehow it just feels like I’m in control now or something.

Slideshare is great. From my slideshows, the Social networks going global one (for an upcoming talk) has had almost 300 views, the older the Global Information Architecture workshop one (from the beginning of this year) has had over 3000 views. That’s great promotion.

I love sharing slides in this format – I remember when Rashmi told me about the service, and I just thought it was brilliant. And it is.

Fascinating for IA’s: “Now Iyengar has published a new study
showing that one way to combat the effects of excessive choice is to
group items into categories. It turns out that even useless categories
make people happier with their choices.”