Cool. Automatically add filesizes to links (like PDFs) with JQuery and Google Appengine.

Google should let these useful webservices (and others like tinyurl and such) run free on appengine, no limits, sponsored by Google. That would let people build loads of useful little webservices with no worries about monetization, open up a whole new area of innovation.

I always hated misguided attempts at visual search engines, but weirdly, kind of works. You just browse through results pages, in an Apple-like coverflow UI.

I’ll probably never use it again, but I was quite surprised at the effectiveness of just browsing through screenshots of websites, instead of scanning result lists on Google.

Hacker humor :) “Would like to put self replicating robots on the moon capable of
refining silicon and building photovoltaic cells. Will need experience
with robotics, AI, and Drupal. Ultimate plans trend towards world

This means (talking about MySQL servers) upgrading to default configuration to 128GB of memory will
cost you just $9600 (list price). I’ve been able to configure on a web
the system with 8*2.5″ hard drives RAID and 2 CPUs (just as we usually
configure PowerEdge 2950) with 128GB of RAM for about $16000. This
means talking to Dell Sales rep it can purchases within $15000.

A clear explanation on why Rails can be slow: a slow page can cause other pages to be slow too. Weird. Perhaps Jonathan’s engineers are missing something, or else Rails just has inherent problems. PHP has nothing of the sort.

In Google analytics, how can I set up a report that shows traffic to all pages in a subdirectory?

Payment is

1) A way of connecting.

2) A sign of approval.

3) A vote.

4) It indicates an alligence with the maker.

5) It feels good to the payer, to support.