Speed continues to be really underestimated. Little known fact: Amazon internal testing showed that 100ms extra pageload time means 1% less sales. Google tests show that 500ms longer pageload (half a second) means 20% less traffic.

Meditate on those numbers for a moment, and then tell me your webteam takes speed seriously enough.

Cultural design misunderstandings

Live from Bejing: "Whenever I show Chinese websites to American friends who don’t speak Chinese, the friends universally have the same reaction — “Wow! That site sure is crappy-looking! Guess those guys haven’t learned how to design a good website yet, huh?”

"Most Americans are by now nodding their heads: “Yep. Love those US sites. Much more advanced. Clean, simple design. Not cluttered. Guess those Chinese guys will figure that out sooner or later.”


mionews UI

The mionews UI for friendfeed is a relief. If they expand to incorporate the basic friendfeed functionality, they might well kick their ass, although probably not.