If you like ethnography and web2.0, you’ll love Metagold – an ethnographic research blog about the Japanese phenomenon Nico Nico Douga, an extremely popular video sharing site where people can comment in a kind of video overlay (you have to see it).

Social design as urban planning: “The challenge is how we make it bigger while still maintaining the same
quality and sense of intimacy with now 7.2 million registered users and
23 million monthly unique visitors. It comes down to urban planning in
a way that a massive city like London has all kinds of cozy little
neighborhoods.” (Stewart Butterfield)

A so far undocumented feature in Google’s social API now lets applications suggest URL’s that might be of the same person. For example, enter petervandijck.com and get a bunch of related URL’s.

Practically, this means that when you sign up for a website, and it asks you to enter your websites, it can start suggesting other websites from the moment you’ve entered at least one. Nice work.