I’m looking for some very clean and simple CSS code to create a dropdown menu with some links. No levels in the menu, just click on a link (or hover, although I prefer click) and a dropdown shows (white background, simple links, nothing more) with some links in it. Something like that. Suggestions? My CSS skills are negligable, that’s why I ask, and all the stuff I find on google is way overkill.

Getting rid of navigation

I’m playing around with a redesign of poorbuthappy.com, 1 of the problems is that there’s way too much navigation:


So after a little sketching and some HTML, I came up with this:


A kind of breadcrumb now serves as the main navigation, showing where you are and letting you go up in the chain. (You can go sideways too by clicking the little arrows, which gives you a dropdown.)

A lot less vertical space taken up, but also less clues towards the navigation. You don’t immediately see things like "pictures" and "forums". Which makes it less usable. On the other hand, it’s a lot less clutter and space, which I like, and likely makes it more usable. And I do have a nice sitemap at the bottom of each page, which I like and gets lots of clicks, so I’m not too worried about taking away navigation options at the top. It’s a bit del.icio.us-like too…

What do you think? I’d love to hear some comments.

Reportedly digg is 50% Google traffic, About.com 85%, and Wikipedia 70% Google traffic.”

Indeed. Google Knol is a HUGE mistake. How can anyone trust them anymore to stay out of the content game – and this time it’s not just video, but text. Our lifelihood Google!

Yes, my version requires the most lines of code, but it is also the easiest to maintain and understand.”

No it fucking ain’t. Compare:

login($username, $password, $remember);


$authenticationController = new UserAuthenticationController;
$user = new User;
$user->username = $_POST[‘username’];
$user->password = $_POST[‘password’];
$user->rememberMe = true;

If you like ethnography and web2.0, you’ll love Metagold – an ethnographic research blog about the Japanese phenomenon Nico Nico Douga, an extremely popular video sharing site where people can comment in a kind of video overlay (you have to see it).

Social design as urban planning: “The challenge is how we make it bigger while still maintaining the same
quality and sense of intimacy with now 7.2 million registered users and
23 million monthly unique visitors. It comes down to urban planning in
a way that a massive city like London has all kinds of cozy little
neighborhoods.” (Stewart Butterfield)

A so far undocumented feature in Google’s social API now lets applications suggest URL’s that might be of the same person. For example, enter petervandijck.com and get a bunch of related URL’s.

Practically, this means that when you sign up for a website, and it asks you to enter your websites, it can start suggesting other websites from the moment you’ve entered at least one. Nice work.


Speed continues to be really underestimated. Little known fact: Amazon internal testing showed that 100ms extra pageload time means 1% less sales. Google tests show that 500ms longer pageload (half a second) means 20% less traffic.

Meditate on those numbers for a moment, and then tell me your webteam takes speed seriously enough.

Cultural design misunderstandings

Live from Bejing: "Whenever I show Chinese websites to American friends who don’t speak Chinese, the friends universally have the same reaction — “Wow! That site sure is crappy-looking! Guess those guys haven’t learned how to design a good website yet, huh?”

"Most Americans are by now nodding their heads: “Yep. Love those US sites. Much more advanced. Clean, simple design. Not cluttered. Guess those Chinese guys will figure that out sooner or later.”


mionews UI

The mionews UI for friendfeed is a relief. If they expand to incorporate the basic friendfeed functionality, they might well kick their ass, although probably not.