Wireframes are boundary objects

This got me thinking again about wireframes: “He goes on to explain that the main problem with wireframes is when
they try to do too much, serving multiple purposes at the same time.”

That’s exactly *not* the problem with wireframes, that’s their strength. The page description diagram misses the point – it tries to create boundaries, not overcome them.

Wireframes are boundary objects. They’re used by multiple groups of people, that otherwise don’t have good ways of communicating. The whole idea of the wireframe is that it can be used in discussions with clients, visual designers and programmers alike. It’s an object that bridges communities, in a way that no functional specification or page description diagram ever can.

And yes, that comes with some ambiguity and sometimes confusion about who owns what, but that’s the whole point. Remove the ambiguity, and you remove the usefulness.

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