An Amazon image uploading service. How would a scalable image uploading service work that you could integrate in your on sites? Maybe:

  • You sign up, enter your Amazon keys.
  • You add a form to your site, where users can upload images. (The service could also provide bulk uploader programs and such.)
  • Users submit the form, image gets uploaded to EC2, transcoded, resized etcetera, and stored in your own Amazon S3 bucket by the service.
  • The service then POST’s the results to a script on your server, with the metadata about this picture, which you can then enter in your database.

Advantages: I don’t have to code any scalable S3 stuff, or any image resizing stuff, everything just gets uploaded and stored in my S3 bucket. Also, I own the images. I just pay the service a small fee for processing the images.

Is this a reasonable approach? I would certainly use this service if it was idiot-proof and affordable. Does it already exist?

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