Tricks for IA: copy and paste from Visio

I’ve seen people export stuff in Visio into images, and then paste those into Word documents. There’s an easier and better way: you can copy and paste stuff from Visio straight into Word, and it’ll look better (and print nicer) too than if you turn things into images first. One disadvantage: you can only paste what you can copy, so backgrounds don’t get copied along.

Interestingly, if you use a program like Windows Live Writer (which I use for this blogpost), you can also copy and paste from Visio straight into the program. The objects will be turned into images and uploaded. Funky!

Here’s an example, copied from Visio.


4 thoughts on “Tricks for IA: copy and paste from Visio

  1. Arguably a better approach (at least re:Word) is to embed the visio document inside the word document. That way it remains fully editable as a visio document, does retain backgrounds, and prints/scales perfectly

    The down side is that you can end up with massive documents if you have a large number of visio diagrams


  2. If you paste normally into Word, you will embed a Visio object, that can be edited, in-place inside of Word. This also carries all the Visio overhead, that you might not need.

    If you do Paste Special, you can choose to paste as a Windows Metafile, which will maintain vectors for smooth printing, or you can paste as a bitmap as well.


    Visio Guy

  3. Paste special worked amazingly well!! Thanks Visio Guy! I struggled with horribly downsampled images in my Word docs for years!

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