A smart idea if you have kids/babies and live in the USA: instead of asking for presents (that get tossed aside), ask for contributions to a college fund. Freshmanfund.

How is Vox, the social blogging platform doing these days? Anyone know? According to Alexa and Compete, not particularly great, and I never got into it myself either.

I tried the downloadable clients but it’s too much stuff coming in, I prefer to visit twitter.com now and then.

I like the "new!" pattern Google uses. It’s so old school it’s new school. Plus, when do you get the use the <sup> tag anyways? (And that exclamation mark. It’s new guys! New! Love it.)



It turns out that “community” is the official and best translation of “community” in Dutch.

Tricks for IA: copy and paste from Visio

I’ve seen people export stuff in Visio into images, and then paste those into Word documents. There’s an easier and better way: you can copy and paste stuff from Visio straight into Word, and it’ll look better (and print nicer) too than if you turn things into images first. One disadvantage: you can only paste what you can copy, so backgrounds don’t get copied along.

Interestingly, if you use a program like Windows Live Writer (which I use for this blogpost), you can also copy and paste from Visio straight into the program. The objects will be turned into images and uploaded. Funky!

Here’s an example, copied from Visio.


ok this is cool. I just realized I can copy and paste straight from Visio into my blog editors (Scribefire or Windows Live Writer), and it shows up as an image! Not perfectly optimized, but that’s cool.

Google decides to be more open about their ranking systems: “PageRank is still in use today, but it is now a part of a much larger
system. Other parts include language models (the ability to handle
phrases, synonyms, diacritics, spelling mistakes, and so on), query
models (it’s not just the language, it’s how people use it today), time
models (some queries are best answered with a 30-minutes old page, and
some are better answered with a page that stood the test of time), and
personalized models (not all people want the same thing).”

Almost none of the comments were worth the clutter on the page. And in
a medium with infinite available page height, that’s saying a lot.
From Sigia-L: “It must violate the breadcrumbs’ fundamental right to be seen”. Now there’s a must-subscribe mailing list!
The company promises free, four-day delivery. That’s pretty good. But
most of the time it delivers next-day service, a surprise that leaves a
lasting impression on customers: “You said four days, but I got them
the next morning.”

The secret for going from zero to seventy million users overnight is to
avoid doing it all in one fell swoop. We chose to simulate the impact
of many real users hitting many machines by means of a “dark launch”
period in which Facebook pages would make connections to the chat
servers, query for presence information and simulate message sends
without a single UI element drawn on the page. With the “dark launch”
bugs fixed, we hope that you enjoy Facebook Chat now that the UI lights
have been turned on.