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I got some more positive feedback on the global IA workshop :)

“I took your workshop and enjoyed it – I was able to apply some of the insights the day I returned to the office in a meeting.”

Global IA Slides

The global IA workshop at the IA Summit turned out great. There were 17 people, from all over the world, and we had some great discussions. We also had a follow-up round-table which was fun too. I’ve embedded the entire deck below. I’ll see if I can get the content of the handouts out here too, although that might take a while.

The feedback from the workshop was good too. Some quotes from the feedback forms:

“The session was more fun than expected.”

“A much needed, excellent presentation with great documentation.”

“Great pace with great slides.”

IA Summit coming up

If you haven’t registered for the IA Summit yet, you might want to take in a pre-conference workshop or two.

(plug): My workshop on Global IA is Friday afternoon. If you’re interested in how to organize websites in many languages, countries or cultures, you might wanna check it out, it’s gonna be good. There’s so much more you can put in a 4 hour workshop compared with a 1 hour talk (a regular talk is really 45 minutes of the good stuff, which with questions and such really comes down to like 35 minutes, so the difference in the amount of detail you can pack in a workshop is really big).

The half day pre-conference workshops are $375 (= less than 240 euro, a bargain).

I’m really looking forward to the Summit this year, the weather is gonna be great too. See you there!

The IA summit is coming up and I can honestly say: I have *never* been so excited. Especially the extra events look fabulous: they really made a huge effort to make this the most social summit ever. I’m really excited. If you’re on the fence about going, just go. It won’t be boring.

Beans are goood.

I just made some beans (from dried beans, not from cans), with a few bones with a bit of meat on that I fried first with some onion. Man that’s good stuff. Nobody in Belgium eats beans, I don’t know why.