Lightweight PHP form api

I released a first version of a lightweight PHP form API today, open source. You can download the code, it works but it’s just a first step (doesn’t even do all possible formfields, and still has lotsa hardcoded stuff in it).

I was always a hater of these form api’s, but I’ve finally clicked, and when you’re coding a website with lotsa forms, this should come in handy. It’s totally focused on being easy to program for, since I’m a lazy programmer, so the form definition is in YAML format, it writes like English almost. Define the form structure, define a function that should be called upon submit, and you’re done.

Let me know what you think!

The problem with Google’s social API

Google’s social API group is pretty interesting (got a who’swho of alpha geeks on it). The biggest problem with testing seems to be that the API uses Google’s index, which doesn’t get updated that often, so if you make a change to your page, you can’t test it immediately, you have to wait for Googlebot to catch up. I guess there’s just not much you can do about that.

MySpace Russia Quietly Launches; MySpace Turkey Coming

MySpace Russia Quietly Launches; MySpace Turkey Coming: “MySpace likes to put a team on the ground before launching a localized site, Travis Katz told me today (MySpace’s Managing Director of International). The key to a successful launch isn’t just localizing the site’s language. It’s also about figuring out what local bands and artists are hot, and integrating them into the service. He confirmed that Turkey is on their short list of new launches, although he won’t say when the site will launch.”

As opposed to Facebook’s approach where there are no local offices.