About deploying upgraded code (releasing a new version for example) when you’re using cloud servers like Amazon’s EC2: “The power of the cloud is that we don’t need to touch our existing web server and risk causing damage during the upgrade process.” Just use a new server! That blows my mind :)

MarkWing.com: “Most sites encourage you to check back for updates, but I will not do
that.  Don’t waste your time.  I don’t have the time or desire
to expand it beyond what it is right now.”

Doc Searls: (quoting Andrew Sullivan): “I recall very clearly one night before the war began. I made myself
write down the reasons for and against the war and realized that if
there were question marks on both sides, the deciding factor for me in
the end was that I could never be ashamed of removing someone as evil
as Saddam from power. I became enamored of my own morality and this
single moral act. And he was a monster, as we discovered. But what I
failed to grasp is that war is also a monster