Workshop: organizing global websites

There are 11 attendees already for my pre-conference workshop about global IA at the IASummit this year.

I’ve been evolving my material a lot, this is the new outline:

  • Themes of global IA.
  • Locales. This part is getting much more interesting than I originally thought – it turns out that structuring and developing your locales is a BIG part of global IA.
  • Exercise.
  • Break.
  • Global IA constructs.
  • Translating taxonomies.
  • Intercultural user research. This bit is rocking too.

I’m still working on the workshop, if you have thoughts or requests please let me know. Also, if you already signed up, I’d love to hear from you, why you signed up, what problems you’re struggling with etc.

Go sign up now if you’re interested in global IA.

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