Wouldn’t it be incredible if Barack (is that how you spell it?) actually wins and becomes president of the USA?

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  1. It would be marvelous! I’m not from the United States but I am a bit concerned about their impending elections. I’m more of an Obama fan. I find him stable, calm and inspiring all at the same time. Like many others, I also hope he wins the elections. They could use a great president right about now.

  2. Well, prepare for disappointment if he does win. You can’t become the Prez without being the man’s bitch in the first place. The big deal, Iraq, Obama won’t leave, he’ll adopt the plan to keep us there indefenately and continue to bankrupt our society. The other big issue, immigration, he’s all for it just the way the system is and that sucks if your a regular person having to compete with Latin Americans who will work 2 jobs for base pay forever.

    But you’re right Barack is beautiful and speaks like a Harvard law grad should. Like all Presidents, that’s about all he does. And let’s not forget, Barack is coming after the most predictable disappointment and failure the Office of the Presidency has ever scene.

    My country has a lot of shit to work out.

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