Hey, Snap started a blog defending themselves against people who don’t like snap (I don’t like Snap previews, they’re just sooooo annoying and 1996).

The fact they felt the need to start this blog speaks for itself I think. And things like “Peter Van Dijck won’t give it a rest” after a blogpost or 2, 3, … bad taste, I feel kinda intimidated almost, not sure why, maybe it’s because they use my entire name. Oh well.

I started http://snapsucks.org to have an easy link that explains why I dislike snap. Now, I have to admit, I understand where they’re coming from. You’ve got a product, a startup, traffic is going well, you work hard, then someone starts a yousuck.com site, it’s no fun. And the Snap guys have been cool about it, defending their product in blog comments and such. But I’m sorry guys. I dislike snap shots, I think they’re bad, and I don’t feel any urge to not say that to people.


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