How My Bloglines is broken.

Note I still call it “my bloglines”. That’s because I love my Bloglines. I find Google Reader impossible to use – literally. I tried, 3 times already, a few days each time. Can’t do it. It’s too slow (simple things like scrolling get stuck, which is strange, because Gmail works fine for me), and doesn’t want to mark a feed as “read” once I click it. I hate that.


Bloglines is broken and has been for a few weeks now. All my feeds (almost) show a count of 200 new items, like in the picture below, every day, even though many of them have NO new items, some only have a few. Help Bloglines!


2 thoughts on “How My Bloglines is broken.

  1. I don’t get it… (And I know I’ve not blogged 200 times recently!) I’m a long-time Bloglines user, and haven’t seen anything like this (no problems at all, actually; JINX!).

    Peter, you’ve probably tried this, but: kill the Bloglines account and create a new one?

  2. Have you tried settings the feeds to not show updated items?
    And have you tried the beta version (which does display more than 200 unread items btw :D)?

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