The 12 habits of slightly successful bloggers.

  1. We write non-original stuff that we just read somewhere else,
  2. and then we forget to link to the original post,
  3. while also not doing any additional research
  4. and clicking POST really fast
  5. without thinking things through, which might have given us something interesting to say,
  6. and without proofraeding
  7. nor adding any interesting links and/or pictures, because really, this whole web thing isn’t going anywhere, can we just go back to print?
  8. What’s more, when we do want some traffic, we copy the style of successful writers without copying the content,
  9. and we SEO optimize the hell out of things, because we think that perhaps, yes, we aren’t very good writers or original thinkers and perhaps no, we don’t have much to say after all, deep in our hearts we know this, but since there are quite a few SEO blogs out there we have started to think that getting traffic isn’t, somehow, about providing value,
  10. and what we also do is write really long posts sometimes,rambling on and on and on,
  11. making the same points again and again, until even the most bored, desparate, i-really-have-to-kill-this-time-because-i-despise-my-boss who-is-dating-that-cute-girl-in-accounting-instead-of-me and-who-does-she-really-think-she-is reader that may have accidentally stumbled upon our post has to just quit reading because it’s just TOO much of the same damn crap that’s all over the inkernets already and who the fuck do I have to kill to make it all stop?

(ps: and we can’t count either.)

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