IA for beginners: take your time

OK this is smart: “Jared Spool is interviewed about UIE’s Inherent Value Tests. It’s a
test designed to reveal why new users struggle to see the purpose and
value of some product or service when a large body of loyal users is
complete devotees.

The test is a modified usability test broken
into two pieces. First, loyal customers are asked to give you a tour of
the site and tell you what they find valuable. Second, new users are
given tasks to see if they come up with the same values. By comparing
the two tests, we can see what it is that the new users don’t get and

Simple approaches that solve real problems like that, I like it. The yes/no 10-questions game to reveal facets (for faceted classification) is another great simple approach that gives real value. I should make a list of these one day.

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