What happened to podcasting?

Podcasting seems to have dissappeared from the radar of the blogs I read entirely. There’s a lot of value there though, so what happened? And since no leader has emerged in the podcasting space, now *could* be a good time to start a killer podcasting company.

2 thoughts on “What happened to podcasting?

  1. What exactly is a “podcasting company”? A group that helps people produce podcasts? Technically? Strategically? A company that makes some sort of podcasting software or hardware?

    If you see an opportunity, I want to exploit it. :)

  2. Possibly the problem is the blogs you read :-)

    With nearly 30 Gig of interesting stuff on my laptop that I’ve not yet had time to listen to I almost wish folk were doing less!

    That said, like Mike, I’m not sure what you mean by a “podcasting company”. A leader in the podcasting space is like a leader in the blogging space – sort of an odd concept..

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