What the hell is a chupacabra? (aka the elmendorf beast)

ABC news, in the town of Cuero, Texas, USA (only in the USA!): “Phylis Canion lived in Africa for four years. She’s been a hunter all her life and has the mounted heads of a zebra and other exotic animals in her house to prove it. But the roadkill she found last month outside her ranch was a new one even for her, worth putting in a freezer hidden from curious onlookers: Canion believes she may have the head of the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra.”


That’s one nasty animal – nobody is going to do that any favors. And the name isn’t helping either, and calling it “elmendorf beast” still doesn’t help – what kind of name is that?

Wikipedia says “Eyewitness sightings have been claimed as early as 1990 in Puerto Rico, and have since been reported as far north as Maine, and as far south as Chile.”

1990 – that’s not early, that’s just a few years ago.

This was supposed to be an urban legend – can an animal like this really exist without us knowing about it until now? I’m not buying it. I’d like to buy it, I’d like to think the world is that cool, but I just don’t think so. Then again, before you know it, we’ll have chupacabras all over the place. But then again again, it’s Texas! They’ll buy anything.

And for your continued enjoyment of the chupacabra: some more pictures.



Finally, here’s a video that doesn’t help much either. But hey:

ps: “chupa” is Spanish for “suck”, “cabra” is “goat”.

43 thoughts on “What the hell is a chupacabra? (aka the elmendorf beast)

  1. chupacabras exist, peter. i think i’m sure. here in chile it’s very very normal people find their chickens etc. dead in strange circumstances, man (very close to my house last time). experts don ‘t know what kind of being can kill on such a way (yu now: no more than one or 2 holes in the neck; all blood sucked. it ‘s real).
    i don’t know if that texan woman tells the truth, though…

  2. I bet she felt like a real moron when she found out it was a coyote… Who goes around picking up road kill and then wanting to hang their heads on the wall?

  3. You know this looks like my co-worker. He is in denial… but hopefully this video will bring closure to his life.

  4. So, this “chupacabra” thing it can be real and may not.
    But to me, what that woman in Texas found…to me it just looks like a deformed dog. I mean, that’s just me. I heard so many different things about that ugly thing.
    The whole idea is wack but whatever.

  5. in the video it couldn’t have been a mans head, the eyes glowed at the end, human eyes don’t glow. only animal eyes glow, it’s a trait to help see in the dark by reflecting the available light in their eyes and projecting it.

  6. Hey, its sooo strange!!!! This chupacabra really is terrific!!! It looks like a coyote, but my sister thinks its an alien come to conquest the world… always said my sister wasn’t all right!!! But it scares thinking that that woman got the head in her fridge as a monument!!! I’ll be dead by now, if I was her!!! But, thank hell, I’m not her!!! I hope she felt like a moron when they found out it was like a coyote… and if she is a scientist and she has crossed two species together and noone knows??? But its still creepy…

  7. chupacabra is not the true name…..

    I would advise you to not talk about it.

    it’s no laughing matter.
    it was a project called pj-255-68A-2062.

  8. Oh geez. The drawing is amazing but it looks like a boar-headed baboon, not any kind of blood-sucking rat. The picture is a canine, not any kind of vampire. My opinion is that a chupacabra is actually a vampire bat, from pictures of “victims” that I’ve seen. A small puncture wound and a lot of blood… an interrupted feeding. Vampire bats leave no flowing blood because the toxins in their saliva stops the bleeding and seals the wound, but if interupted then that free blood flow is… well, free to flow.

    The video. That is insane. If it’s a real video and not a skinny human with contacts or photoshopped eyes, then there is a vampire, golem, elf, or drow on the loose. Which would prove my theory that their are other species of humanoids correct… interesting. I’d like to know more about this video, and meet the “demon” in question face to face.

  9. I’m from Texas and I’m Hispanic so I’m use to folklore, but as for “Chupacabras” go here, they are just rabid coyotes or diseased stray dogs. I personally haven’t seen one, but I guess it’s just one of those things you “have” to see to believe.

    As for the video, that’s “supposed” to be a recon alien. I hope that one’s not true.

  10. Oh dear that video was a silly set up… so fake, and btw if you shine a light like that directly on a humans eyes with a night vison camera.. they WILL light up like that, so fake, nothing to worry about.

  11. well…what can i say…it all started in Puerto Rico in the 90´s…unless he has a travel visa to go to the U.S. or can fly long distances without people saying look its a bird no a plane. I dont buy it…and I´m puerto Rican…i´d love to believe it. But just like Nessie (loch ness monster), Bigfoot and so on…this is another case that will remain unsolved. what are we looking for excatly? a cross-breed between a dobberman and a kangaroo?. I wish the people in the video confronted that thing…lol…the only thing that is for certain is…there are corpses..from what?…thats the million dollar question. stop trying to see it or catching it. start with the food source. thats the real key to finding it. thats just my opinion

  12. the chupacabra is real. i know this because its me what are you gonna do about it infact im killing and suking a goat right now yummy!!!! come get me biologists and nature peeps catch me if you can

  13. i like a nice glass of hot goats milk in the afternoon helps me sleep n that u get me by the way dont look like what you think i look like im green i can fly i have medusas head i have super powers i only kill goats for fun at night im realy a daytime sorta guy and im into national banking n that iv got straight A s you know oh and i can spray acid from my anul sphincter and i prefered to be called a load of bollocks that dont exist

  14. lmao ok the video was stupid cos that was a guy not a chupacabra
    and the chupacabra meaning the goat sucker is not a confiremed animal or genetic mutation its an urban legend as of now and has never been recorded on video or audio

  15. i think the chupa-cabra is real, that is a mans head but what would a naked man be doing in the middle of nowere at night

  16. Of course it is real, where I come from in Brazil ther are quite a lot of them. you constantly see them all the time in sucking the goats blood. Its a discusting animal though. If i could i would never come across anything like that.

  17. Hi!
    I think if they exist in that quantity why hasnt anybody killed or captured one?
    I think thats bullshit. Perhaps something like that exists and i wont say that people who say that they saw one are lyers but there for sure arnt more than 20 in the whole world. Without being technologicaly advanced something like that cant hide in an urban place!

  18. the pics looked fake, but the roadkill looked kinda weird like a boar or somethin. the chupacabra may or may not be real. IDK

  19. I live in Enid, OKlahoma and i think we have three here and i want to know how to get rid of them. i live on a farm and i have two grandchildren and we are all scared to go out after dark. so is there anything i can do to get rid of them please let me know. thank you bonnie

  20. There is no way that was a chupacabra. That was probably a starved man eating some berries off a bush or something. The chupacabra is siad to display animal Characteristics such as the eye eye.

  21. well mark if you are constantly seeing them around, post a pic or vid of a live one, cause nobody else seems to be able to spot it.

  22. Well i’ve stopped that video at the exact moment that the “creature” looks up. Frankly its VERY weird looking and evidently has no hair and no visible ears. The front arms appear to be slightly elongated for a human as there’s no visible elbow. Also assuming it is a hoax, that person ins amazingly thin…

    There could be something out there…

  23. i know its real cuz when i was like 10 i saw one at my granpa’s ranch i was so freaked out like i couldnt sleep for the next 3 weeks and i saw it with a chicken i thaut i wuz dreaming but the next morning gramma found 3 dead chicken

  24. That was not a head of a man what they saw was something else…cause human eyes dont glow in the dark.
    When a saw the video e was totaly suprised by that “thing”. I stopped in the moment that he turns the head to watch who did that noise…and i thought like: I EXPECT THAT THIS DOESNT HAPPENDS TO ME!
    P.S.-One more thing, if something is writted bad is because im portuguese.

  25. I was chilling the other day and a chucapbra bit my hand and i was like oh hell na brah so i was like you better dip out for I take a dump on you head and i was like peace and he left and we are now friends

  26. that is not a mans head, when is the last time you shined a light in a person eyes at night and they lit up…never. im from NJ and I 100% believe in the leeds devil a.k.a jersey devil. ive watched this video and others a bunch of times. I’m not gonna say that thing is a Chupacabra but its defiantly creepy.

  27. I think that this video is the stupidest thing I have ever watched, and anyone who has allowed themselves to be manipulated in to believing this crap is incredibly stupid, and probably lives a cooped up life not allowing themselves to even have any common sense what so ever!

  28. That Couldn’t Have Been A Human In The Video. If You Noticed It’s Eyes Glowed When It Looked Into The Flash Light. Only Animals Eyes Glow, It Helps Them See In The Dark. And As I’ve Figured Out The Hard Way, We Can’t See Very Well In The Dark.

  29. Chapacapra – yes, that is the real name. But all those pictures are useless and not informative. Description is patchy and not thorough. Last summer I was at my ancle’s farm I saw it with my own eyes as clear as I can see this website right now! Capacapra was bent down over a goat sucking blood. I quetly approached it from behind so I could see the strange animal in all its beauty. Yes, it has gills behind its back but one particular feature struck me more than most – it arse! Yes it is read and glowing just like one on chimpanzee. It must be some rare animal. This is where nature went crazy. I recon it was an accident where two anymals mated and produced stable new kind of animal that managed to support its own line.

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