Oh my god the Belgacom site sucks. I’ve been trying for hours to get online billing to work. Conclusion: it is broken, not to the point that you could persevere for a few hours, or get lucky, and actually get it to work, but it’s broken to the point that, after you jump dozens of usability hurdles that’d stop an angry African elephant in its tracks and make it go back home shaking its head, that is, if you *do* persevere and use a few tricks only geeks like me would know about, and you do finally get access, you get a “this feature is temporarily not available” message. And all that after they send me a letter saying they set me up for online billing and please pay like that in the future.

They must really not want my money.

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  1. This is one of those “made me smile” posts :)

    And thanks for letting me know that at least the billing department isn’t a reason for me to switch from Telenet to Belgacom – not that Telenet’s is any good.

  2. I passed this link on to someone i know who works at the IT department of Belgacom. They’ll pass it on to the team responsible. Apparently, the release mechanism is none too flexible, so i wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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