Yahoo: “We took the idea to Google and Microsoft and are happy to announce
today that you can now find your sitemaps in a uniform way across all
participating engines. To do this, simply add the following line to
your robots.txt file:


It’s really true: when you think you’re 80% done, you’ve got 80% to go. The little details do take most of the work, in everything.

The social life of IA

A database developer talking about public health. (Udell) It’s really incredible how little we know, and how numbers are misused.

“But of course, you have to come up with an estimate of how many people
are dead. So somebody picks a number, and then you hear it on CNN that
night. Fifty thousand, a hundred thousand, a hundred and twenty-five
thousand, none of those estimates were based on any attempt to really
find out.”

I noticed this when journalists used to call me asking “how big the vlogosphere was”. (This was pre-Youtube). Of course, there was no way to know (we didn’t even know how to define “videoblogging”), so I made up a number that I thought was ballpark. And they *always* ran with it, leaving out my qualifiers.

“Imagine if you were the CEO of Toyota, and your CFO said, well, sales are pretty good, we think, but we’re not sure.”

And about standardization: “If you went to a UN organization and said, we want to standardize how
we collect data about child nutrition, the response would be, let’s
have a conference. We’ll have experts get together in Rome, and then in
Paris, and decide what are the key questions for any standard child
nutrition survey. But it’s hard to achieve unanimity, and there’s a
built-in incentive not to because every time you get together it’s a
trip to Rome.”

This working with the social life of information is something that seems mainly ignored in current IA texts and practices.

I’ve never used Gmail for anything crazy but now it doesn’t want to send messages coz “I’ve exceeded my storage quota”. So this whole “Never delete email” is BULLSHIT? Arg! And what’s worse, there’s no easy way to get rid of some old big messages..

How to get funding: set up 5 to 10 meetings within a few weeks, tell everyone you intend to get funding, and if not, you’ll build it on sweat equity. Treat is as an auction. Either it gets done in a month, or it doesn’t. Scarcity and social proof.

I can’t seem to find a regular expression that turns links into a hrefs, and image links into img tags, and leaves the links in Youtube embeds alone. Anyone have something like that? (PHP)

wallpainting a tree

I made a tree painting in the kitchen today. I used paint samples, that have a round tip that you can paint with, so you don’t need brushes or anything.

I did 3 layers, and I let each layer dry before putting on the next one. The idea was kind of a Japanese cherry blossom. Or rather, that’s how it turned out or something. First the tree itself:

Then the cherries (pink), and then I had white left so I added the sun shining on the tree:

It came out nice :) The falling cherry was me trying to cover a spot of paint. I think with this one I knew when to stop, which always helps a lot.