Google maps shows India in English, Thailand in (?) Thai. Curious, for some reason I wouldn’t have expected it to be localized like that.


My Google Analytics tracking stopped working (went down to 0) yesterday. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s wrong with my tracking code on this page – any thoughts?

Documenting locales

I’ve been playing around with different diagrams that attempt to explain the various locales on a website. Here is an example:

i18n locale diagram

Does this make sense as a diagram? Does it help you understand?

Language codes: “Some of the most heated discussions on the request for new projects
are about the status of a language; is it a language a dialect and
often the arguments are of a political nature. The inclusion of
languages in the ISO-639 has been political in the past. With ISO-639-3
many of these arguments have an answer with the many new language codes
that have been created.”

2 observations today: Gmails’ antispam seems pretty good, and why hasn’t OPML taken off more as a way to share feed lists?

I have to very much agree with this: walled garden sucks, Facebook is just making us build stuff for another propietary platform.

However, they do have a good idea there: I can add my app to your app. There’s no open way to do that yet that works.