Which langauges to translate in?

When you think about which locales to choose, and which languages to translate in, I always recommend to think of locales as markets, not as languages. That way you focus on the right things when choosing locales. But still, I’m trying to improve my understanding of how to select locales. What are the things you consider when choosing which languages to translate your website in? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

I keep hearing about companies doing a browser based desktop, and I keep thinking “what a bad idea”. It’s just seems like a real misunderstanding of the opportunities and the gaps of the new canvas (the browser).

If browsers were to support OPML as well as RSS, I could click an OPML file, and the way my browser asks me which reader I want to use for an RSS feed, it would do the same for the list of RSS feeds found in the OPML. In other words, we could easily share RSS subscriptions lists. I hope that will happen one day soon. Then I could subscribe to all the Google blogs by clicking 1 link instead of visiting each one and finding the RSS.

If I have memorized a number in English, I can only recall it in English. The same with Dutch. Weird.

What to do with Yahoo? Some smart stuff again from Dave Winer.

“Some analyst told them they needed to gain economy and synergy from
their acquisitions by centralizing and eliminating duplication, but
this makes no sense. Their goal isn’t to economize, the goal is to grow.” Exactly.

“The problem with Yahoo is too many people for too few opportunities.” – nail on the head!

I actually have a different analysis of Yahoo, from an information architecture point of view. The failed 360 experiment they did kid of moved them away from social networking, but they shouldn’t. 360 was too geeky, and missed lots of social network opportunities. It’s time to do it right.