I was calculating: let’s say you take, say, 10 pictures a day, for 3000 pictures a year. And we can optimize a picture into a decent size jpg of 130K. Not perfect but better than nothing and reasonable size. That is 400MB worth of optimized pictures, a year.

In Amazon S3, we can store this for you for about 80 cents a year. (15 cents/G times 12 / 2 coz we only have 400MB). Year two, the price doubles.

Why hasn’t anyone built a business like this: free backup of your photos (up to say 5000 photos a year at optimized quality), with additional services extra?

There are a whole bunch of services out there, but none that I know of that do this. Pointers in the comments. For free, I’d take the piece of mind knowing that if my computer crashes, I’d have access to a backed-up version of my photos, be it not in 100% resolution.

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