1-page websites

I realized today that the apps I use everyday are all 1-page websites. Gmail. Bloglines. Google search. Actually, Google is the king of the 1-page websites – almost all their products consist of only 1 page.

Twitter is 1-page, because there is 1 page that you spend 90% of your time on. Flickr is multipage, although it’s main function (watch photos) is 1-page. Digg is 1 page. Mmm…

But what bothers me about these immersive worlds (isn’t there a better name?) is that they’re all supercommercial. Why would that be?

You know this problem in IA when you design sites without real content, and before you know it there are loads of excerpts all over the page that don’t really mean anything, ending in 3 dots “…”? It leads to a homepage like this one for example, just lots of excerpted content that doesn’t really do much for anyone.

I got a word for that. Excerptitis. Maybe you have a better one?