I’m connected again with Belgium’s Telenet (cable). So far so good. ISP’s in Belgium do have the annoying habit to limit the amount of gigs you can up/download every month though. Weirdos.

Test Aankoop is a Belgian consumer organization, one of the things I like about living in Belgium. They continually redefine common sense – which supermarkets are cheaper, if it really makes sense to get that mobile phone plan with 1000 free minutes, is it worth to shop around for different banks, and so on. A must read.

Skype lets you charge for phonecalls from today on. It works worldwide, and Skype takes  (hefty) 30% cut. Video too. Hello “many services that were previously unfeasible” (ie pron industry).

Scribd (lets you upload documents) is supposed to be the “Youtube for text” :) Funny, I thought the Youtube for text was a little something called the internet.