I always wanted to do State of the Vlogosphere posts, but never found the time. Frank did a great one at the Mefeedia blog today.


Lou’s UX Zeitgeist attempts to capture the themes and memes floating around in the UX world and is in alpha. Check it out.

Midwifes in belgium

It’s not very widely known because doctors don’t tend to mention midwifes, but in Belgium, you can have a midwife who helps you before, during and after the pregnancy, and it’s 100% free. They are trained professionals, and they come to your house for every visit. They deliver the baby and even follow up for weeks and months afterwards as well. It’s really a big step against the medicalisation of pregnancies, and I find it quite incredible that this level of personal medical care is free. Yey for Belgium!

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Peter Merholz writes about how he feels IA needs to innovate to avoid dead. I feel the same, mostly. This is the first year I didn’t go to the IA summit (it’s in Vegas and I’m in Belgium, that’s 1 reason). I don’t particularly find it interesting to talk about IA’s future so I don’t post a lot on it here, I do find new ideas interesting, and not enough have been coming up. But there’s smart people there, so I have hope. And if IA becomes just a valuable part of the design process and not perhaps the leader it was at one point, perhaps that’s ok too. Or not. I’m not married to IA, although I still happily call myself an information architect.