Midwifes in belgium

It’s not very widely known because doctors don’t tend to mention midwifes, but in Belgium, you can have a midwife who helps you before, during and after the pregnancy, and it’s 100% free. They are trained professionals, and they come to your house for every visit. They deliver the baby and even follow up for weeks and months afterwards as well. It’s really a big step against the medicalisation of pregnancies, and I find it quite incredible that this level of personal medical care is free. Yey for Belgium!

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Peter Merholz writes about how he feels IA needs to innovate to avoid dead. I feel the same, mostly. This is the first year I didn’t go to the IA summit (it’s in Vegas and I’m in Belgium, that’s 1 reason). I don’t particularly find it interesting to talk about IA’s future so I don’t post a lot on it here, I do find new ideas interesting, and not enough have been coming up. But there’s smart people there, so I have hope. And if IA becomes just a valuable part of the design process and not perhaps the leader it was at one point, perhaps that’s ok too. Or not. I’m not married to IA, although I still happily call myself an information architect.