Hatred of America unites the world: “The best explanation is in fact the simplest. Being hated is what happens to dominant empires.”

Oh, wouldn’t that be a nice, soothing explanation Americans can live with? It’s wrong though, America is hated for it’s arrogance and imperialism.

Until just 10 years ago, America was still widely loved in about half of the world. Then Bush happened. I saw it in my family and friends in Europe: old people who lived through the war and were immensely thankful to the US for their role in that all their lives, suddenly started to actively, from the gut, hate the US when the Bush policies became clear. I never heard my old aunties express that much hatred for anyone in my life as for Bush and “America” which is represented by Bush and his policies.

It’s not because of its power that the USA is hated throughout the world, it’s because of how it chooses to use that power.

That’s not an easy thing to live with, or even to understand perhaps, if you’re American, but that’s what I see is going on. Americans generally are unaware and don’t seem to care what their country does to other countries.

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