Alertbox: “DaimlerChrysler offers global content in German or English,
automatically setting the initial language based on the language
preference settings in the user’s browser.”

The never-ending issue of “adult” content on community sites:

“Going forward, we would *love* to find an equitable solution to this
problem. Our prior solution (the mature designation on profiles, and
mature category for listings and tribes) was not optimal. Having a
category for “mature” was the wrong thing because it clustered together
a huge breadth of mature content that didn’t really belong in the same
bucket together – effectively “ghetto-izing” all of it. What we found
back then was that “mature” should be an attribute, not a category.”

lifestyle of a monk:

“I usually get up at about 5 a.m. and then take a shower. I then
prepare myself to go out on the alms round. It takes a while for me to
put on all of the robes. I then leave at about 6 a.m. When I come back,
I put all the food on a tray and sort it out. For example: curries,
desserts and drinks. We then give some food to the Buddha image and do
some chanting. After that we just eat until we are full. I then usually
go back to sleep for a few hours. Sometimes I walk around the temple
grounds and chat with other monks. Sometimes we watch t.v. We do this
until lunchtime which is about 11 a.m. We cannot sit down for lunch
later than 11.30 a.m. Most people think we cannot eat after mid-day.
But that isn’t true. If we don’t get up from the table, we can actually
eat all afternoon! But no-one is going to do that because that is
crazy. In the afternoon I might sleep again or chat with the other
monks. Sometimes I watch t.v. In the late afternoon, when it has become
cooler, we then do our chores. We sweep around the temple and water the
plants. At 7 p.m. I go with a group of other monks to the big meeting
hall to chant. Not everyone goes. It is your choice. We chant for about
one hour. After that, my group of monks usually goes to sit by the
river and drink and chat. When I say drink, I mean soft drinks! We are
not allowed alcohol. We chat there until about 9 p.m. Then we go to

I installed flock but for some reason pages loaded really slowly (compared with FF) so that’s it for me. Bye!

I published the first version of the poorbuthappy guide to Colombia in PDF format (PDF, 1MB). It’s kind of stapled-together quality, and needs a lot more work, but I thought I’d get it out there. As it goes, it’s a pretty decent backpacker guide to Colombia, and more up to date than any of the commercial guides. And free, too. It’s written by the collective intelligence of 100s of travelers. I’m planning to build some systems that’ll make it easier to gather that information.

Anyways, it’s ugly but real good. I don’t think you’ll appreciate how good until you actually use it. :) Not shy today, me.

Does anyone want to analyze the loudness of the cheers during Jobs’ keynote speech, and correlate that with what he was announcing, and propose suggestions for how to improve it?

Free idea

Here’s a free business idea: branded SecondLife-like experiences.

  1. Build a Second-Life tool (hey, it’s open sourced, how hard can it be?)
  2. Sell branded, managed versions to everyone with a brand: a Star Trek world, a Disney world, you get the picture.
  3. Help these brands monetize.


that RSS icon

It’s taken some time for me to learn to just click on the little RSS icon in the address bar, which then automatically opens my Bloglines subscribe page. I used to hunt around for an RSS link on the page, and I still do sometimes. The new way is better though, nice and consistent, even between FF and IE.

Now that Apple is doing the iPhone (and it’s looking good), I wonder if Cingular (their partner) will open up the platform a bit more. I don’t think so – Apple isn’t known for being very open, they wouldn’t have pushed it.

I agree with Ethan Zuckerman: open sourcing SecondLife is cool, but it’s still a closed platform. Hence any comparison between SL and the internet itself are thoroughly mistaken.

Installing the Firefox plugin (I got an invite) is painful: you gotta download, restart, then it takes 5 minutes to show a login page, then I can’t find the submit button on the login page. And why am I installing this again? (Value proposition??) I disabled it.

“Recently I began to work on an essay about why there are no longer any
good essays about why there are no longer any good novels. In
performing a survey of the literature, I was able to trace things back
to Umak of Sur, who in 6000 B.C. etched into clay a complaint that the
quality of Sumerian pictographic prose had gone down terribly since the
new Gods had been introduced.”


For search engine optimization, I recommended SEOmoz to someone the other day, purely based on their blog. Apart from the blog, recommendations from people I trust and personal experience, how else am I supposed to know if they’re any good? In a field so full of idiots, finding a firm that seems to do good work is a godsend. (or godsent?)

Aha it’s the first working day of the year! And I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing this year yet. :)

A question about OpenID: if you click “Allow” some site access to your id, do they get access to your email as well?

This screencast convinced me to try OpenID, and now I’m sold and I’ll be looking for openID signin buttons on every new site I visit.

What also convinced me is that hardcore geeks I respect seem to think it will work.