As posted on the videoblogging mailing list, I’ve sold mefeedia:

“We’ve decided to turn over the reins of to Frank Sinton.

Frank is planning to keep it running as the best place to find
videoblogs, focused on independent videoblogs, and he’s putting more
resources into it. And of course he’ll respect all user agreements
(ie. he won’t spam your emails and such, he’ll respect CC licenses,
…). I’ve talked to him and I believe he’s got all the right motives.
He’s on this list, you can ask him your questions :)

I made the decision because I just didn’t have the time and money
(those servers cost $) to keep mefeedia going. It had grown way beyond
my expectations, it’s been getting lots of pageviews and attention and
I just can’t support that anymore. Frank is looking to invest more
time and $ in mefeedia so rather than let it die a slow death due to
lack of attention, so we thought that was a good thing.

Meanwhile, I have to thank Devlon Duthie and Mike Meiser for all their
incredible work to make mefeedia what it is today, and for all the
support we’ve gotten from y’all in the past 2 years!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Here’s a word from Frank:

“Hello to everyone in the vlogosphere. First of all, thank you Peter
and Devlon (and the many others involved) for creating such a great
tool for videobloggers. Your hard work and support for Mefeedia shows.
As far as plans for Mefeedia, i was actually looking for your input on
seeing what you would like to see! Please use this group, email me
 or join our mefeedia users group: All comments,
suggestions, and questions are welcome.”

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