S3 continues to rock

Amazon S3 really rocks. We generate a LOT of thumbnail images at mefeedia.com for all the videobloggers, and earlier this year all these millions of small jpg files were slowing the server to a crawl (servers aren’t generally good at having millions upon millions of little files stored, even though we used a sensible directory approach).

Last month, we were hosting 120 Gigs worth of tiny files on Amazon S3, and transferred 150 Gigs of data. All this for 46 US$ for that  month. You couldn’t rent a server for that cheap, let alone you’d have to deal with all the management and scaling problems yourself. Rocks!

I am totally looking forward to the IA summit (as always), almost the only conference worth going to for me, but who the hell decided to hold it in god damn Las Vegas? I was in the Las Vegas airport once, full of slotmachines (or what do you call those), it was as close to hell as I have ever been. Ugh. And don’t tell me I can study the user experience of Las Vegas!