By the way, I’ve spent a while here in Colombia writing some urgently needed travel guides. They have details on where to stay (for example, places to stay in Bogota), prices etc. The current Lonely Planet on Colombia is about the worst LP ever written, so there’s definite demand for a better travel guide. I think travelers, with the right help, can write travel guides that are better and address some of the inherent problems of printed guides (like being 3 years out of date and leaving out lots of great places).

I’ve also found that writing travel guides is kind of fun – I enjoy visiting new places and thinking about the best way to describe them. And I love making maps – I’m an IA after all!

The Performancing plugin sits in your browser and lets me write these quick notes. I like it, I think I’m adjusting my blogging style. Of course there’s a bunch of things I’d like it to do… oh well. Gotta keep learning to program better. Or surround myself with more programmers. To get stuff done.

Inside out IA

I’m thinking about Inside Out IA, starting with the users and content, then the local IA (the IA on the page), then the sitewide IA. That’s how I find myself doing sites these days. None of that starting-with-the-navigation. Anyways.

Om talks about the sofaweb, although I like the term gamerweb better. It’s all about the new generation of gaming devices (wii, xBox 2, Playstation 3) that are connected to your TV and have broadband internet.

It’s a big opportunity, but I’m not sure it’ll take off. The mobile internet never took off for 1 reason: it’s a closed platform. The mobile companies control too much of the access, and the devil is in the little details. The same thing happened when Sony messed up the PSP: because they loose money on the hardware they never really opened up the platform, a big mistake imo. So sure, these gaming platforms are connected, but the question will be how much control the owners try to excert in subtle ways. If they really open things up, a whole new ecology of startups could grow around these platforms.