I’m in Colombia (Medellin) making salad – try to make Colombians eat salad! Food culture in Colombia, and especially Antioquia is incredibly “traditional”. Sushi is good (it’s hard to mess up sushi), but anything “thai” or “indian” gets watered down to the level of being veggies cooked to death without any flavor.

Peter Morville has a way with words and ideas:

“Next year, after the bubble bursts, we will enter the era of
Information Architecture 3.0. This won’t surprise Tim O’Reilly who
slyly positioned the polar bear atop the #1 Google hit for Web 2.0 and commissioned the third edition just in time to clean up the mess.”

I’ve added a list of sites to the IAsearch.net information architecture search engine, the list is now:

Now that I’m playing with the IA of a site of mine, here are some things that keep coming back.

  • Start with the user and the content, not with the IA.
  • Editorial vs. user-generated: it’s a mix. Some things need to be editorialized. Some things user generated. Sometimes it’s in between, where stuff is user generated and then slightly editorialized. This goes for both org schemes and content.
  • Comprehensiveness is very important in some contexts when providing content.
  • If you look very very closely at the content, you’ll find that it’s often not what you thought it was. For example, a travel guide you write while on the ground is different than one you write while remembering how things were.

This is too vague – badly written too, let me try to repost this in 2007! :)