I’m not sure why I like to check Mashable and Techcrunch every day. They profile a bunch of startups every day. Part of it is that I like to see what’s out there. But I do wish they’d be a bit less web 2.0-y.

It just occurred to me that Borat is a much more appropriate character to show America than Ali G, who worked better in the stiff upper lip English environment. Borat shows America’s racial problems, Ali G showed the UK’s class problems.

ok I turned off that automatic link to performancing. I understand why they do it, and since it’s free and very useful I’ll go with it, but that was almost evil.

Why you need 50000 songs, not 500

the weblog of Lucas Gonze: “I remember times in my life where I had a strictly limited music collection, and I kept things fresh by listening at finer and finer levels of detail. Those days should be over for most of us, though. It’s important for individuals to grow their collections past the “enough” marker, whether that’s 50,000 songs or even just 500, because at that point you stop listening in the old way.

The new way is to treat music more like a newspaper than a book, so that a continuous stream of fresh content is intrinsic to the media. If you hear a good hook somewhere, the next day you should find that hook remixed into another song. You should never again, post 20th century, post the era when music and manufactured goods were synonomous, think of music as something so static that 500 songs could encompass it.”

Interesting. I always have fun with calling stuff “the X of Y”. So this is the psychology of abundance? :)

Bllshit Google how clueless can you be?

Official Google Blog: Do you “Google?” “Usage: ‘Google’ as verb referring to searching for information via any conduit other than Google.
Example: “I googled him on Yahoo and he seems pretty interesting.”
Our lawyers say: Bad. Very, very bad”

So now Google is telling us when to use the word “Google”. That’s not even funny. That’s just clueless.